Adam O'Boyle

Executive Director

Adam co-founded Student Hubs in September 2007 during a sabbatical from his History and Economics degree and rejoined as Executive Director upon graduating in July 2009. During that time Adam also worked as a part-time analyst for New Philanthropy Capital where he co-authored a research report entitled: ‘Critical masses: Social campaigning, a guide for donors and funders’.

Contact Adam on: adam.oboyle@hubventures.org

Camille Reltien

Tenant Manager

Camille is Hub Ventures' Tenant Manager, managing calendars, co-ordinating spaces and redecorations, as well as correcting our dodgy French. Camille also supports Tower House, making it look pretty, run smoothly, and a lovely place to stay in central Oxford.

Contact Camille on: camille.reltien@hubventures.org

Charis Sharpe

Venue Manager

Charis runs the Tower House day to day as well as our meeting and events spaces in Oxford. Venture environmental sustainability and representing TSK at Good Food Oxford also fit in there somewhere. Also an instagram fiend, secret coder and jewellery creator.

Contact Charis on: charis.sharpe@hubventures.org

Graham Read

Communications Manager

Graham is our Communications Manager, in charge of doodling, fonts and pictures. He loves fonts. Other favourite things include baking, bagels and books. And alliteration.

Contact Graham on: graham.read@studenthubs.org

Hannah MacDiarmid

Commercial Director

Hannah is the Development Director for Hub Ventures - co-ordinating Finance, Legal and Governance across ventures. Innovatively, Hannah is known as 'Mac'. She's Scottish.

Contact Hannah on: hannah.macdiarmid@hubventures.org

Jamie Walker

Finance Manager

Jamie is Finance Manager at Hub Ventures: a stickler for detail, possesses an enduring love of spreadsheets, and (disputably) best dressed in the office.

Contact Jamie on: jamie.walker@hubventures.org

Lisa Honess

People & Culture Manager

Lisa is People & Culture Manager at Hub Ventures, co-ordinating pensions, P45s and personnel across all our ventures.

Contact Lisa on: lisa.honess@hubventures.org

Robbie Semple


Robbie, our favourite Irishman, is Director of Worthwhile, working with Laura Harrisson to create career paths for young professionals who care. He likes to experiment with home brew and sport. Not at the same time. To the best of our knowledge.

Contact Robbie on: robbie@worthwhile.org.uk

Sara Fernandez

Executive Director
Student Hubs

Sara is the Director of Student Hubs, supporting the development and growth of our Hubs and Programmes across the network and working to increase the impact of our work. In her first role at the Hub, Sara coordinated volunteering in Oxford and developed the social enterprise support programme for Student Hubs. Alongside her work at Hub Ventures, Sara is studying for an Executive MBA at Cranfield University. She is also a trustee for Student Minds, a youth mental health charity incubated by Hub Ventures. In her spare time Sara can be found volunteering with Oxfordshire Children Services.

Contact Sara on: sara.fernandez@studenthubs.org

Our partners

Our work involves a huge network of supporters, thinkers, toolmakers, mavericks which keep Hub Ventures moving onward and upward.

This doesn’t touch on the hundreds of volunteers, customers, individual supporters and smaller organisations who make our work possible - thank you to you all - but here are a few of the people that we work with the most often.

Helping us with our agile strategy, key funders and just all round very helpful people:

Keeping us out of jail (the lawyers):


Robbie's special brew


Would you like to join our network and get involved with what we're doing? Get in touch.

We're fans:

Here are a few organisations we really admire and think are worth checking out.

YearHere: Working in the same space, innovating at the front line.

Generation Change: Rocking the world of youth social action. (And we helped found them.)

Emerge Education: We helped set them up too and we learned a tonne about incubating new ideas in the process.

Zingerman's: We think they're great.