Our vision is of people making a difference at the heart of their communities.

Our mission is to unlock the potential of people, places and ideas to create positive impact for society.

We love impact measurement: here’s how we’ve done recently (and look out for more coming soon!).

Hub Ventures

Hub Ventures is a family of charities and social enterprises that are catalysts for a better world. This document summarises our impact over 2013-14 looking at: our ventures, our social impact, improving our social impact, our environmental impact, our team and our financial performance.


students in the Student Hubs network


people placed on social impact internship or graduate schemes


meals served in Turl Street Kitchen, our 3 Star Sustainability Champion restaurant

Student Hubs

Student Hubs works across the UK to catalyse student involvement in social action. We inspire, connect and support students to make a difference during their time at university and throughout their lives and careers.

www.studenthubs.org/impact »


students in our network across

10 Hubs

Bristol, Oxford Brookes, Cambridge, Imperial College, Kingston, Oxford, SOAS, Southampton, Warwick, Winchester.


of students are more motivated to engage in social and environmental issues.


of students feel inspired to take further action on a social issue.


of students have never been involved in social action before.


Worthwhile creates career paths for young professionals who care. We believe that seeking a socially impactful career is aspirational; a sign that you want to achieve something more than profit in your working life.

www.worthwhile.org.uk »


of alumni who strongly agree taking part in the scheme was a good idea.


applications to the Worthwhile grad scheme in 2013.


alumni employed in social impact sector after scheme.